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Today is Maddy's B-day

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Today is Maddy's birthday, she is 3 years old. We got her as a tiny pup at only 4 1/2 weeks old (yes we know all to well that was way to early now). We took care of her and made sure she grew into a healthy pup. Here are some pictures of Maddy. She is our Springer Spaniel and is a cutie with the most personality I have ever seen. She has taught me a lot about dogs and all the concerns we have had about her have faded which is great.

Here is the Madster :)

The first night at our apartment

Tired pup

She loves frisbees...

Our girl Maddy...Happy Birthday
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Happy birthday Maddy! BTW, the pic with the frisbee is adorable!
she was so tiny!!

Happy Birthday Maddy :D
Thanks the frisbee picture is one of my favorites!
Happy B-day Maddy!!!
I love the last picture
What a doll! Happy Birthday Maddy!

We actually thought of a Springer Spaniel before we got Tucker, I love them.
Oh she's marvelous!!! Happy birthday pretty Maddy! :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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