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Toby pics 1-5-09

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He's definitely getting cleaner. Woot!

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He is beautiful, Laura. :happy: And almost snowy white.
He's gorgeous. :D

I also like the new siggy pic with all your kids.
He is so handsome!!!! I absolutely love his coloring, he is such a great paint!!! Do you kiss him on his velvet nose??
rushpuppy said:
Do you kiss him on his velvet nose??
He allowed me to kiss him today. I was going to ride him, but decided it was too icy so I just took him out and groomed his mane, tail, picked out his feet and did just a little brushing. I turned him loose afterwards and went to get my camera. While I was in the pen with them, he slung his head over my shoulder as I rubbed his neck. It was the first time he had done that. I kissed the side of his face and he nuzzled me. :D

I try not to kiss his nose since their noses are so sensitive. All three of the horses nuzzled and slung their heads on my shoulder today. I'm sure they thought I was going to feed them and were sucking up, but I was thrilled that Toby came to me easily today (I took his halter off for good Saturday) and actually showed some affection.
It sounds like he's really taken with you. Must be all the TLC you're giving him and he recognizes that. Bless his heart. He really is a good looking horse. (I'm more than a little jealous ;))
He's a very gentle boy and it hasn't taken me long to fall in love with him.
Awwww, Laura, you're soooo lucky to have such gorgeous horses!!!!! :D
I would go broke in carrot and sweet feed bills as I would be taking him treats all the time. He is sure looking good. Are the mares letting him in the shelter?
Carrots are the way to a boys heart ...........well a boy like Toby anyway ! Trouble is you have to limit them or they expect them all the time and throw a strop if there aren't any !

Hang on ! I'm talking about Tara !
Exactly Colin. I have apple/oats horse cookies that I give them very sparingly. Otherwise they'd be rushing me every time I went into the pen with them.

yes I've seen him in the shelter a couple of times now. :D
Woot! He looks so much better Laura!
How are your arm muscles doing? You can get some rock hard biceps grooming and saddling horses. You should have seen my DD's arms when she worked at the barn saddling and grooming. Not manly arms, but very firm and great muscle tone! (btw, riding will do that to your bottom half too.)
He's looking great, Laura! :happy: He understands the affection you are giving him, and he is returning it. Just like dogs, they know who loves them and they appreciate it.
My arms aren't flapping, that's for sure. LOL
He's so handsome!!

I can definitely see lots of white ;)
AmazonGold said:
He understands the affection you are giving him, and he is returning it.
Yeah, he was, uh, very happy to see me when I first showed up. :whistle:

as you can see in the second to last picture
Nice pictures, he looks great
He is SO handsome/beautiful! I just love his markings!!
he looks great! glad he let ya get some "sugar" today!! LOL
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