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Anyone see this?

Apparently it's a show where the point is to take everyday occurrances and view them in EXTREME slo-mo. Like a thousand frames per second. The opening titles show a cymbal on a drumset being struck, and it's way cool how it bends.

A handful of days ago, they showed a whip being cracked, slow enough to show the sound waves bending.

But the hilarious part -- which is why I mention it here -- was showing dogs shaking off water.

Showed a Golden. And a Portugese Water Dog. ((both to demonstrate outer- and under-coats) And a Boxer. And a Bully.

First, it's a muscular marvel. All begins in the head and expends a surprising amount of energy.

Second, for the Bully, it was ROTFL, as those jowls went WOBBA-FLOBBA-WOBBA-FLOBBA.
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