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I had no idea MoMa was featuring Tim Burton.

Although his style of storytelling can be repetitive, I have been a fan of his since "Beetlejuice," a movie with such a distinct style right from the get-go that I couldn't WAIT to see it on video, just to re-watch (and re-re-watch, and re-re-re-watch) the credit sequence. Yes, the opening credit sequence. Because when I first saw it in the theaters, the unexpected crawl-over of that spider on the house caused me to sit up and realize that something totally new was at hand.

Same with "Willy Wonka." I fell in love with the flippin' TITLE SEQUENCE (all that automated candy wrapping machinery).

And "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is a masterpiece.

When every single other Hollywood movie looks exactly like every OTHER single Hollywood movie, you just know Burton's going to give you something visually unique.
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