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Ticks...for you country music fans!

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I love it...too funny!! ;D
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:laugh: I heard that the other day. Brad Paisley sure has sense of humor. "The Fishing Song" and "Celebrity"?
I like the fella just because I see Little Jimmie Dickens in his videos and also because he seems to be takin' the music back to where it belongs. ;)

Rita almost cries when she hears The Fishin' Song because it reminds her so much of her dad who's been gone almost 20 years.
I love this song! MicksMom is right- he definitely has a sense of humor.

There's a song on one of his cds that's all about how they can't believe they're making the "easy money". It says that one band guy sold shoes, one was a garbage man, etc etc. It's really funny.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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