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When you scratch Jake in certain areas, he scratches along with you... is that pleasure or is he itchy?

He is chewing at his feet and has yet another ear infection (which we are treating) but he's always scractched along with you. Kira on the other hand has never done such a thing but she isn't as comfortable in her surroundings as Jake?

We did change his food awhile back because when they changed the Kirkland formula he stopped eating it... dog doesn't like veggies. But that's been awhile... corn free as he is very sensitive to that.
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A lot of dogs have a certain spot and if you hit it just right, they will "thump along" with the scratching. My cocker boys would always do that. If he's having the itchies and ear problems, I'd make sure his food is free of soy, wheat and corn. If he's eating chicken, maybe switch to lamb. Sometimes, it can be seasonal.
Zakk was VERY ticklish when he was a pup - he still is somewhat, but not nearly as much.
He eats lamb, but I do find lamb is awful rich for the two and their poops are rather soft for my liking
I call it their 'tickle spot' ;D
Eddie's spot is below his rib cage, he will stand on his hind legs with his legs on us while we scratch him. then one of his hind legs start moving and he has to get off............

Fanny goes like that sometimes when I scratch the side of her neck........
Bailey has a spot like that, too. Halfway down his chest and a little to the right LOL Scratch it and his leg thumps and his nose goes straight up. If you stop, he looks at you like 'hey, I didn't say you could stop yet!'
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