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I've often thought if I were to do something special for Marshal it would be paying for a massage by a professional animal massage therapist. Our pet therapy visit last night was the next best thing - maybe even better than the real thing.

Last night was a "Thumbs Up" moment for Marshal. He did his first Pet Therapy visit since being released from the vet after injuring his back. We worked on the Oncology Unit at the Medical Center. A gentleman we visited was undergoing physical therapy when I entered the room. He was working his hands using a squeeze ball. The therapist removed the ball and placed the man's hands on Marshal's head. I've known the PT person for years. She has a chocolate lab and our dogs have visited in each other’s homes numerous times. She started working this man's hands over TMM's head and ears and got him to work the area around the neck that tends to be thicker with lots of fur. Marshal loves having his ears and neck rubbed and squeezed like that. The more this man did it the more relaxed and soothed he was. For nearly 20 minutes this man's PT session was spent massaging TMM. I thought he might fall over and go to sleep he was so relaxed. His wife was in the room and told me they had a black lab that had died about a year ago. They've never replaced the dog due to her husband's health. Her husband is unable to speak. That being said at the end of the visit his wife told me he wanted to tell us something. I looked and he had a noticeable grin on his face. He tried pointing at TMM and gave him a "Thumbs Up." I told Marshal to take a bow and I returned the thumbs up. I explained to him that nearly every morning Marshal starts his day off with a massage. It is one of his favorite things to do. That brought another smile to his face.
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