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We did an exercise last night at obedience class that was kinda different. Usually we go to troubleshoot, last night we made an effort to say the good things about our dogs and only do the exercises that the dog understood and was successful at for 3/4 the class.

Then, the last 15 minutes or so, we worked on exercises the dog wasn't as strong in or didn't quite understand.

The interesting thing, all the dogs were much more eagre to try the things they usually failed at because for 3/4 the class, all they got was praise!

Gin's nemesis, sitting square. She's not crooked, but she's Queen of the lazy Labra-sit. She was actually sitting upright last night for the most part, and I was impressed! I didn't have to nitpick and shuffle her as much as I usually do!

Just proof that they really DO want to please, even when it seems not so likely. :rolleyes:
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