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A couple of weeks ago Myfavorite dog asked us what our dogs would only let us, their owners, do for them. Joining them in the bathroom when I wanted to go was the only thing I could htink of.

The other day, me and the dogs went to the park and had a great time walking through the woods and fields and them playing with other dogs. When we got home Fanny was limping quite badly not putting any wieght on her left foot. I was caught up with something so asked SU to look at it for her. So he got her up on the couch, not that she needed any encouragement, and took her paw in his hand. Oh boy, she started crying and whimpering, it sounded like he was beating her. So, as I was washing dishes at the time, I dropped everything and went down to her. She put this really sad look on her face - he hurt me - and handed me her left paw. Nothing, not a thing. Except this little black mark on the side of one of her pads.

So I get a damp washcloth and clean it off. She hasn't whined once, whimpered, cried out at all. Su is is laughing by now at her antics. He thought he really hurt her. I scrub this black mark and there was this hole in her foot! A little one but a hole none the less! I couldn't believe it. It looked like it had been caused by a thorn or something but I didn't see anything. So I put some neosporin on it and she was fine.

She limped a little bit the next day but has been fine since. so SU is off doctor duty...............
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