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AngusFangus' thread made me remember to post this - something I just noticed the other day.

The set up: Indoor fetch cuz its too cold out.

Remy goes and gets ball, brings back to mama, drops ball, sits, gets piece of kibble out of his Red treat bag and I throw the ball again. REPEAT

Brooklyn, meanwhile isn't going to fight over the ball so she sits or lays down next to me and performs various tricks (Hi-5, paw, kisses, etc.) for her piece of kibble out of her Blue treat bag.

Now, here's the interesting part. Brooklyn's getting chubby so I want her to move around more so I started tossing her kibble across the room to make her go get it. Now Remy puts down his ball and wants in on the game. So I start tossing kibble from his treat bag. (BTW - they get the same food, just in different amounts so we keep their daily portions separate) And here is what I noticed:

If I toss a kibble from Remy's Red bag....Brooklyn waits...if I toss kibble from Brooklyn's Blue bag...Remy waits. THEY KNOW WHICH BAG IS THEIRS? How can this possibly be? I'm throwing food here people! Granted...if I miss throw and it lands near the other dog they will eat it, but they each wait their turn. But I've been doing this for a couple of weeks now and its the same.

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