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There is something creepily masturbatory...

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...about a troll who, finding no one interested in playing along, then bumps his own fred.

Just sayin'.

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tread, it's tread! and i agree.

and yes, masturbate or any of it's derivatives is just a fun word.
back to the OT...it's really sad in an immature kind of way.

i hear the dollar store has lots of lubricant.
May I borrow a dollar dollar bill y'all?
of course you you can.
Lubricant or giving me a dollar?

On a related note, does anyone actually ask their mechanic for a lube job? I think I'd laugh every time I heard that if I were a mechanic. Correction, I did laugh at the person in front of me that said they needed one. It was the perfect place for a "that's what she said."

not my mechanic...
So we're not going down?
that's a loaded question.
apparently some people *cough* gene *cough* have a problem with the dork's no drama policy and need to come over here under ASSumed names to create and get their drama fix.

i have no problem with their board. that's the way they like it and that's ok. i do have a problem with some of their members coming here just to start ****. and doing it under a fake name like it's some 007 mission. grow up.
1 - 6 of 39 Posts
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