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I wanted to use my digital camera yesterday so I popped in, what I thought, 2 re-chargeable Duracell batteries into my plug in charger. 20 minutes later I hear a sizzle and a pop. Smoke coming out of the charger then another pop and flame shooting out of the wall socket. I kicked the charger out of the socket. Scorched the socket pretty good. What I did was put 2 "regular" Duracells in the charger thinking they were some of my rechargeables. Rechargeables look fairly similar to the others with only a green stripe on the battery and a little green on the end. Took the scorched plugin off and inspected the wires and they looked fine. Replaced with a new plugin I had.

I shiver to think if I had left the house for awhile what would have happened. I got very lucky and will definitely make certain I look closer at the batteries next time.

50 more weeks of 2010 so there is plenty of time to try and top this stupid and careless mistake.
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