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Once upon a time, there was a Pink Piggie. Pink Piggie found that she was going to be a Christmas present for some oh so nice Labradors.

"Wonderful" said Pink Piggie, "Labradors are supposed to be soft mouth doggies. I bet I live a long and happy life as the beloved friend of some cute little puppy!"

Pink Piggie meets Callie (A dog in for training at my house). Callie by herself was just what Pink Piggie wanted.

However, when Hoss and Red found out that Callie had something special, things changed.

"WAIT A MINUTE!" said Pink Piggie, "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? HELP!!!"

Those were the last words uttered by Pink Piggie. Shortly thereafter, Pink Piggie began to loose her insides. Hoss, sensitive guy that he is, decided to turn away as the life and stuffing spilled on to the floor.

RIP Pink Piggie

1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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