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The Puppy Party...

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Well, the little heathens are 7 weeks old now and we invited kids of all ages over on Saturday to come over and play with Sophie and her litter for some socialization time. They get a lot of interaction from us, but it was good to expose them to some squeeling kids.

Here is a link to the photos.


The pups are going to be spayed and neutered this week and will be going to their new homes this coming weekend. It will be sad to see them go but they are so ready to explore the world and be a great companion for their families!
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I can't see the pics since Facebook is blocked at work, but I can't believe they are 7 weeks! They all have homes? :)
Wow that time went quick and what beautiful pups they are!!! I can't believe they are getting altered this early!!! Just out of curiosity, is there one pup that stands out in your mind? Are you tempted to keep one????;)
Oh my so so cute! They have turned out so well! And i didnt realise you could have them fixed so young?!
They have gotten so big and more cuter!!! Do they have all have homes now?
Oh my so so cute! They have turned out so well! And i didnt realise you could have them fixed so young?!
Nothing leaves our rescue without being fixed.

And rushpuppy...I really liked kennedy...but not enough to keep. I am looking for my next dog, but it will be a show pup. ;)
They are very cute.
Awwww...little squidges...I love that Jacki-O!
They're adorable. Rider looks so patient with them!
ooooohhh, they are adorable!

When I adopted Oakley, we had to sign an agreement that we sould spay or neuter at 6months. Then once it was done, we had to show them the paper work that proved we had it done.
Very cute puppies, do they all have homes including Sophie?
Oh what cute little chunkers! I'm glad they will soon be with forever families!
I can't see facebook either - but glad to hear they all have good homes.
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