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I'll cross post this to both Training Tips & Puppy Advice and to Lab Health & Nutrition since it's applicable to those readers, too.

"The Puppy Diaries" is a series of weekly columns by Jill Abramson in the NY Times about raising a Golden Retriever puppy in New York City and nearby environs. Socializing, training, teething & biting issues, exercise, health & insurance, etc., etc. are covered.

To this week there've been 9 columns of at least an anticipated 52?

IMO, while the column is well written, reading the readers' comments about any of the issues brought up gives an enormous amount of depth and perspective.

For example, one of the recent columns I'd not previously read dealt with the issue of pet health insurance. Jill's discussion was good but the comments by the readers on their actual experiences with the companies were great and very educational.

You can find the index to past columns and topics and their links here:


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