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Bauer has the ability to turn a cranky, annoying teenager into a baby talking, snuggle partner. He has the power to turn a grumpy, tired man into a teddy bear. I have seen him turn a headstrong 11-year-old into a mushy, loveable kid. I have felt him turn a really crappy day completely around. Last night, I witnessed him do the same for a stranger.

We were out for a walk, and DH asked if I could grab a couple things on the way home. I stopped at the grocery store, and Bauer waited patiently in the car. As I was putting the bag in the back, the cart-boy (a very sweet developmentally disabled guy) walked over to help. He saw Bauer, and said, "Awww, I love dogs." I told him that he was very friendly, and he could pet him if he wanted. He stuck his hand out for Bauer to sniff, and after sniffing Bauer put his paw on his hand to shake. They shook hands, and he started to pet him. Bauer got very close to face, and I said, "He is a kisser, you better watch out." He said he didn't mind, and let Bauer lick his face. Bauer was standing on the back seat of my SUV, and was just about eye level with him. The guy was petting him, and then Bauer leaned forward and put his head on the guys shoulder (like he was trying to hug him). They stood there like that for a couple of seconds, and then the guy stepped backward and said to Bauer, "Thanks, that really made my day." Bauer is very snuggly and loving at home, but usually when he meets a new person he has a hard time containing his excitement. He was so calm with him, and it was like he sensed what the guy needed. I was so proud of him.

I am sure that everyone has a story like this, so please share!
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