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The ones left behind

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I picked up a dog from a backyard breeder on behalf of my rescue group over the weekend and all I can think about are the ones I left there. They were pugs, piled in wire cages in a cold, dark shed. It was a very quiet place because the breeder had all their vocal cords cut. I had to smile and act fine with what I was seeing in the hopes that this piece of %[email protected]# would hand the rest of her dogs over to me at some point. I've dealt with owner surrenders for the most part so this was unnerving. Anyone have any tips for how to not dwell on the ones you left there?
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Oh my goodness! Cutting vocal cords! I can't even imagine! Isn't this animal abuse? Why haven't the police or the ASPCA stepped in? This guy needs to be in jail!
The cutting of vocal cords which I remember hearing first when I was young just made me sick and furious!! It still does.
There is no way to forget that kind of abuse, sad to say. I pray the scum will pay for what she has done and that the remainder of the dogs will be rescued.

Thanks for saving the ones you could.
Sorry, I don't have any advice for you. :( It is disgusting that someone could keep their dogs like that, and think that it was perfectly normal. That is so sad! Thanks for what you do.

Was this an older dog that was no longer needed for breeding?
A lot of these people who run puppy mills (and some BYB) see the dogs as livestock - not as pets or beings with feelings. They are the means to making a living and that's all.

That's why it is SO important to keep delivering the message and educating people about buying from responsible reputable breeders only OR adopting from shelters. Uninformed consumers keep mills and BYBs in business and make their trade profitable and are in effect complicit in the abuse.
Was this an older dog that was no longer needed for breeding?
Yeah a 5 year old female that the breeder was done with. The rescue group will have her spayed, have her teeth cleaned and the rotten ones removed. Her foster mom already gave her a nice warm bath, some good food and a cozy bed. She'll be spoiled from here on out. I just want to get the other ones out of there so badly. It's really bothering me.
I would make a call to the ASPCA or local news get this person fined and jailed for the conditions the dogs are in.

My little Tootsie had her vocal cords cut too. I hope the rest of the pups make it out and find loving forever homes.
I would image there is a community interest story in there somehow. Aren't shutting down puppy mills big stories these days?
Report this to your local animal control or ASPCA. This is animal cruelty in my opinion.
My heart breaks reading this. I pray the other dogs can be saved from this horrible life. I will also pray for that BYB and hope he/she decides to do the right thing for all of the dogs. Thanks for saving the one that you did. Sounds like she is already a queen in her new home.

When we adopted Jack, I was worried something like that had happened to him b/c he never barked. One night he went out in our backyard to potty and there was an opossum out there. He barked at it twice as he was chasing it, so we knew he was fine....just quiet. I was so thankful.
I took a few more out of there last week so there is only one pregnant female left at this byb which the breeder is holding onto for the $$$ the puppies will bring. I'm hoping she will hand the female over to me when the puppies are sold. At least she is in the house and not being kept in the shed. UGH.
Thank you! I pray she will release the female too.
Who's the unethical veterinarian cutting vocal cords? This person needs to be "outed" as well.
That is terrible and should be reported! The pup pictured(~9 weeks old) is a lab/mix (I think) that was found in a box with her siblings a few weeks ago at a nearby dump. She was covered in urine/feces and required some nursing back.....hair missing, skin issues, etc..... Cannot imagine how or why someone would take a box of 5 puppies and leave them for dead at the dump? She was my daughters early Christmas present!


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I would imagine that you are in a better position to get the dogs into foster care directly rather than having an animal control officer pick them up and put them into the system. A court process might take a long time though its hard to imagine that with your testimony this person would be able to regain the dogs. I suppose its a risk though that they could. Also it may involve spending more to go through a process like that than to get the dogs directly from this person.
I can imagine how you feel. This person has no right to do that to animals. I also think you should report them.
This is a very old post, I don't think any of those folks are on this board anymore. Let alone the BYB in business anymore.
unless there's some latest info (training, food, etc.), why would anybody even reply to a 15 month old post?
She looks like such a happy dog. Classic picture.
Oh my goodness! Cutting vocal cords! I can't even imagine! Isn't this animal abuse? Why haven't the police or the ASPCA stepped in? This guy needs to be in jail!
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