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Silly me. Why set the alarm clock when one has Labs as room mates? For one thing Labs switch back and forth between daylight savings and standard time and are more often set to bladder/bowel time. Not the most reliable system, though more humerous than an alarm. One either wakes to what sounds like eighty pound pigeons flapping their wings running into blinds and furniture or jarred awake by a Lab quake caused by Jack bumping into the side of the bed. The more ominous is when he steps purposefully onto the bed and sits firmly and one feels *the Stare* of the labrador mind meld puntuated by ear flaps for dramatic effect.

Once up and dressed the detail m oves from the bedroom to the outdoors then onto breakfast. Jack does his sous chef routine assisting by fetching beans. His latest flare is holding the can between the points of the canine teeth so he can twirl the can when he presents it. After they eat. I eat, under the watchfull eye. If I dwaddle over the paper and am slow finishing breakfast, Tina and Jack start giving me nudges, and lickking my arm. C'mon!You're going to be late. Move it Fat man!

If i move toward thye door, my path is subtly blocked by three Labs becoming a toll booth. No cookie, no pass ee.

Back to the pantry under the watchful eye of jack who escorts me back toward the living room.

OK, Fall in!

Jack who has been in heal position swings his rear around so he is bunny hopping backwards feeling for the throw rug used for morning formation. Once on the rug he is frozen sitting at attention. Usually right on the center line of the rug. Baby lines up next to him to his right. Tina used to sit to his left on the rug but now choses to be off to the left. Jack gets his toll, Baby gets hers and as Jack moves off with his treat, Tina moves towards the rug. If she is not sitting on the rug, no treat. She slides forward. no treat. She slides forward again. No treat. Looks down at her rump. Slides onto the rug, checks again to be sure her rump is on the rug, then looks at me with a "satisfied now?" look. I give her a treat and am free to go.

Sometimes for formation they shift like a football backfield. Sometimes the choriography is ballet -like. Nothing like a smile to get the day going.

This treat thing is all backwards. Should be when i get home and they have not redecorated or washed the dishes themselves but I am not going through the pain of them relearning.

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