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There is so much going on with all this health care "reform" it makes my head spin. I think they are trying to rush it through too fast. It scares the life out of me to think they are voting on a bill they have not read and have no idea what is in it. That alone should give everyone pause. Something this major should not be done in a couple of months time.

I know when I lived in Tennessee they tried an all encompassing plan. It was a disaster. I am not sure how close it is to this, or at least some of what is being proposed, but I saw enough that any plan that inserts the government between me and my doctor is not something I want.

And I agree. It sounds like too much bog brother in there.

I accessed the Mayo Clinic website and found this relative to the criteria for heart transplants:

The ideal heart transplant candidate is a person with end-stage heart disease for whom conventional therapy is not likely to provide acceptable symptomatic benefit or satisfactorily improve life expectancy.
While there is no firm age restriction, people from birth to beyond 65 years have benefited from transplantation. In some situations, young people with multi-organ disease may be considered for a multi-organ transplant (heart-lung, heart-liver, heart-kidney, heart-lung-liver). Prior heart surgery, diabetes and previously treated malignancies (cancer) do not necessarily exclude a candidate from transplantation.

Some individuals have other life-threatening disorders that make them unlikely to benefit from heart transplantation or put them at greater risk for postoperative complications. The following are general examples of health conditions that may exclude a candidate from heart transplantation:

Severe pulmonary disease
Untreated malignancies
Severe osteopenic bone disease
Numerous pre-formed antibodies
Untreated chemical dependency or substance abuse

So it seems their criteria has more to do with the health of the individual, excluding the heart disease, than with age. According to the Mayo Clinic here, even older people benefit from these procedures.
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