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Mya, and Michael

It was strange how it happened, but it's worth telling how she came to me. The months prior to me getting her my life seemed to be in a downward spiral. Everything seemed dandy to those unwilling to notice because I was still going to school, spending time with family, and helping mi madre as much it's possible for a college student to find help. I was self-destructing and although it wasn't obvious to most people I knew that the end result wasn't going to be pretty. For months I had been trying to reattain my faith in God, but I never once prayed for God to bring me a dog. I simply asked Him to show me the path to regain my happiness. One night mi madre happened to be at her monthly Junior Women's Club meeting and overheard one of the ladies mentioning that her lab was pregnant, and expecting puppies in two or so weeks. Mi madre eventually pulled the lady aside and inquired into what she had overheard. I don't know the details of the conversation, but the end result was that I was going to get pick of the litter at no cost to me.


I awoke to someone beating my door down at 6:00 a.m. and the first thing I thought was "Why in the world is someone up at this forsaken hour?" Well, she was up because she had been delivering puppies all night; eleven of them. I was ecstatic and asked her if I could stop by in a few days and see them. Of course she let me and three days later I went over there to just look. I had no intention of choosing one that day. As I was looking over the litter, all cuddled together, and ever so sweetly, something caught my eye. To this day, I couldn't tell you what caught my eye, but I ended up choosing my little girl that day. For the next couple of weeks I spent my afternoons doing my homework at this lady's home with this beautiful yellow lab in my lap. I always made sure to wear the same shirt over there so she would be able to recognize the scent and then the day came that she opened her eyes. When I picked her up that day and held her close she looked up at me with the bluest eyes I've ever seen on a dog and her name came to me...Mya, my yellow angel. It was this day that I knew my days of self-destructing were over. God had sent me a little girl to raise on my own and for the years to come we would be there for each other in our darkest hours.


Mya was born on September 17th, 2008 and today January 13th, 2009. That makes her just a few days shy of four months old. Every day since the day I brought her home my life has been improving. She was house broken by seven weeks. Since I live on the beach in southern Alabama we spend our afternoons together walking the dunes of a bird sanctuary nearby. It's odd how watching her chase birds up, down, and all around can bring such joy to my life. When it's not cold out we'll go swimming in the lagoons. Sometimes we'll sail the day away on a bay. Labradors are a breed of dog that are supposed to be eager to please and she is, but by the same means I'm just as eager to please her. It's this mutual feeling that makes up the great tandem we have come to be. Never in my life have I been so content just spending time without another human soul because this little girl God sent to me is all I need. Just me and Mya ya know? It's a good life.


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