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Yesterday, Madison and Sarah got to play with my aunts 1 yr old female black schnauzer, Maddy. They had SO much fun! They went and went until my girls just dropped :D My aunt lives just under 2 hours from me and Madison has only played with Maddy once and that was the day we got her.

Madison has never really had other play dates. I did take her to a friends one day and she played with a weener dog and basset hound. The basset hound was like a bulldozer and Madison didn't like it much. She'd actually crawl into my lap like she was wanting me to save her. That was a lap full! :eek: lol!

Madison and Maddy

Madison, Maddy and Sarah. Sarah was already SOUND asleep before Madison layed down beside her. She's such a good big sis!!! :angel:

If only I had more friends locally with dogs. Maybe we'll just have to plan on a weekend trip to my aunts house with the girls ;) Wonder what they'll do the first time they see the horses, lol. ;D (My aunt only has 13 of them)
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