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Say you are the government and your dog represents the people. You are all caring and merciful and see to every need of your dog. You give him food and shelter for free. All your dog has to do is live by your rules and obey every command you issue. If you dog misbehaves you can discipline it by withholding treats, and/or food and if your dog really acts up you can lock it up, no trial needed, just your say so.
No imagine that your dog has a chance to vote on whether it should remain under your care or be free to run wild.
Of course if it voted to run free it would have to hunt it's own food and find its own shelter. But it would not have to live under your rules or subsist on what food you determine it should have. As a free dog it could eat as much as it was willing to hunt for and sleep where ever it was most comfortable.
Of course your dog would vote to stay with you because it has been bred for generations to depend on you for free food and shelter. It does not know how to hunt for its own food even though it could have much more food than you might be allocating. Your dog has become totally dependent on you therefore you control its life.
I have heard that wolves cannot be tamed or controlled.
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