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What's up! Some of you know me here, and some have helped me with Logan and his various issues! Thanks for that. Not sure what happened to my account, but I haven't been on in ages so I had to make a new one.

Logan is going to be on the Animal Planet show "Superfetch" debuting in October and to celebrate, we started the "Draw Logan" contest on www.esoterichiphop.com. He is also the subject of our new album "Saving Seamus Ryan" available on Itunes 9/22.

The winner gets his or her art printed on a limited edition t-shirt and a prize pack of all of our cds.

Anyone interested in the "Draw Logan" contest can submit their entry to [email protected]. We have a ton of entries so far, but the majority of them are leaning towards a cliche hip-hop dog image that we didn't want to project. We were leaning more toward rescue dog art that you'd find on a Ralph Lauren sport shirt or actual rescue organization or actually really ANYTHING but a dog with a "rapper image."

you can find logan's face all over the pics section at www.myspace.com/loganthelabrador or the music page at www.myspace.com/7lesoteric

and you may have seen this already:

thanks for your time and we wish you all the best with your woofies
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