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The Best Job in the World Contest

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#3 wildcard is Mitchell from my town!! If you feel so inclined to help him kick some butt, please vote, otherwise, you can just check out the video link and see some of our downtown area! LOL

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I posted about him last week or the week before!

Isn't his video clever??

I keep voting for him. I hope he wins!
Oh, I'm sorry Amy - we should keep bumping that thread then! I don't get on much, or if I do I don't get to read everything to catch up.

I'm going to the Rockwood pet store this weekend, I'll look and see how much the Wellness is there for you, out of curiosity.
NO! Don't be silly. :) I just thought it was funny we both posted about the same thing. lol

Keep this one bumped up. I just really liked his video. Of course, I didn't look at any others and they may equally good. But since he's from our city- I like his best. bwahaha.

Thanks for looking. I was in there the other week and didn't even think to look at the dog food. d'oh.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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