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The Apple-tini Labrador

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I need to post a pic of this and will try to do so ASAP.


My boy is quite the sight today. He's into his second round of a Holter monitor for some cardiac woes that have popped up. Keeping everything in place, as you can guess, is a challege, especially w/a Lab who loves to roll around in the dewy grass in the mornings. And sleep with 'wheels up' a lot of the time.

So he gets wrapped with this ultra-sticky gauze to keep the wires and unit from sliding around.

I gave him over to the vet tech last night to get bound up, and she brought him back and I burst out laughing.



She said it was Apple-tini Green, in an early celebration of Memorial Day.

Silly boy!!!!

Because I had a rare Wed night free, I took him to dog class. They were VERY glad to see us, and he had kisses for all. Even looking like a four-legged mixed drink!
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