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Cost of Entering your first Obedience Novice $135.00
Cost Of Fancy New Leash to Walk Dog $18.99
Practicing In the Rain $0
Shedding a Million Tears $0
Coming Home with your Best Friend and a Smile, Priceless!

Well we might not have come home a winner, but we sure learned a lot! We both went in this blindly. Each day he got a bit better. We even got into the ring yesterday and attempted to do Sit/Stays. He Broke on his sit at 51 Secs :rolleyes: We know we need a lot of work. Who ever knew that Labs were such thick headed dogs. I met a lot of nice people, and I think with a lot more work, I might do this again. Thanks for all your support this weekend when I needed a shoulder to cry on.

List of what I learned:
Only one Collar on your dog
No practicing in the ring
Never Speak bad of your dog
Don't stomp your feet in the ring
Never pull tightly on your dogs Collar.

There were several other things I learned by watching, and doing. All in all, I had fun!

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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