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Thanks So Much!

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Cost of Entering your first Obedience Novice $135.00
Cost Of Fancy New Leash to Walk Dog $18.99
Practicing In the Rain $0
Shedding a Million Tears $0
Coming Home with your Best Friend and a Smile, Priceless!

Well we might not have come home a winner, but we sure learned a lot! We both went in this blindly. Each day he got a bit better. We even got into the ring yesterday and attempted to do Sit/Stays. He Broke on his sit at 51 Secs :rolleyes: We know we need a lot of work. Who ever knew that Labs were such thick headed dogs. I met a lot of nice people, and I think with a lot more work, I might do this again. Thanks for all your support this weekend when I needed a shoulder to cry on.

List of what I learned:
Only one Collar on your dog
No practicing in the ring
Never Speak bad of your dog
Don't stomp your feet in the ring
Never pull tightly on your dogs Collar.

There were several other things I learned by watching, and doing. All in all, I had fun!

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Sorry you didn't qualify but I love your attitude! Congrats on a great weekend. Some of our best weekends have not been when we have done well, score wise, but the weekends I have learned something else about how to work/show/train Caleb. Best of success in the future!
Did you come home w/ a regulations book? ;)
I missed part of the story probably, but why do you think your dog is thick headed? Does he really understand the task he's being asked?
As for speaking badly of your dog, I've called one of mine a brown terd a few times (after exercised finished) and the judges have laughed. :D I found it's far better to have a sense of humor when you're having an off day. Anne
Sorry there were no qualifications, but it sounds like you had a good time anyways. That good attitude will help you (and most importantly your dog) immensely in the future! You will learn a lot more as time progresses and meet some really great people who are more than willing to help you. Not everyone will qualify every time, believe me we all have been there before!

Good luck! You know you have some homework to do, so get busy and Train!
It's always a learning experience. Even for us seasoned show folks, we always are learning stuff, about ourselves, our dogs, etc.

I agree, get a rules and regulations book and memorize it before your next time out. You will avoid a lot of the mistakes you made this time out.

Keep up the good work. Labs are not thick-headed ;) They just learn at their own pace :)
Labs are not thick-headed They just learn at their own pace
Ok, not all labs, just mine ;) Actually he is very smart, but at times I swear he is a few fries short of a Happy Meal!
Never give up. I was even greener with Amber than you. Our very first weekend (just two days) I walked into the ring with my 6 month and 2 weeks old Amber. We proceded to do everything wrong, but made it thru the single exercises with a possible 171 score if we got thru groups clean. We went in for groups and they told us to take off our armbands and place them behind the dog.......lol Amber of course got up and turned around to see what I had placed behind her. I placed her back in the sit and she turned back around to see what great toy it was behind her. I never was able to get her sitting facing in the right direction and the judge came over and kindly asked us to leave. The next day durring the Stand she decided to play keep away from me and everyone else. We never made it to the groups that day.
I did not give up and we later had another bad show. I kept at it and asked all kinds of people for all kinds of advice and an experienced trainer took pity on me and showed me everything I was doing wrong. At age 14 months she got her very first leg with a 196. She became the top Novice A dog (all breeds) for 2006. We even had an All breed High in Trial in Novice A.
I can look back and laugh at our very first shows now at the sight we must have been. I wouldn't have traded the experience for anything. Keep up your training and work on what you need to. Have fun because your lab just thinks this is all one great adventure..

Kelly and Amber
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You have such a wonderful attitude! I'm glad you had a great time, even though no Q's. But here's the honest to God truth, if you can't have a good time just being out with your dog, doing something you both love, stop doing it! You sound like you are now on the right track!

Q's are overrated! Welcome to the wonderful sport of trying to get your lab to do what you ask, when you ask it!
Oh I also forgot to add Even though we did well later in obedience we still have things we don't Q in. I blew my very first Junior Hunter Test last fall. All I had to do was hold onto my dog till the judge said "Dog" and then take the bird from her when she came back. Well I sent her before the judge said "Dog" and we were excused from the rest of the test. My Obedience dog also has a huge problem holding a startline stay in agility. My fearless labrador also had a career best jump in Dock Diving of 3 feet 6 inches (other dogs were jumping over 28 feet). We still have failures but they no longer worry me like they used to. We are now having alot more fun in training and the shows have lost alot of their importance. Now our main reason for going to shows and trials is for the friends I have made, its now more of a social event to me...lol

Kelly and Amber
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I'm new at this too but you are doing OK if you realize that even without Qing you can learn something.
I am very new at this too. I learn things every time I enter the ring. Not only rules but figuring out how much warm up we need and things like that.

Congrats on your first trial!:D
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