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thanks farm peeps =)

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I have stuff!

uh.. how do i make money?
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I'll send you stuffs tomorrow Kell. I'm all gifted out for today.
you make money by harvesting crops and/or trees.
plant crops and harvest them. spend all your money. it's not like it earns interest. the trees take six days to ripen for their initial harvest and 3 days each time after.
oh.. i harvested one and got nothing.. maybe because it was already there when i started..
if you wait too long the crop goes to waste. that might have been the problem. i got money for my crops that came with the farm. strawberries and tomatoes only take a day, rice and corn are two days and potatoes and wheat take three days.
make sure you are using the harvest girl with the sickle...not the plow. If you plow you will loose your crop and it will charge you $20 to boot.

Send me a friend notice I am Kar Madison (fake name) and I will start sending you stuff.

And just a hint when getting started you can make the most money by farming strawberries.
****.. i must have used the wrong thing
stay away from the wheat and rice stuff until you get some money going...they take too long and cost too much. do maters and berries and harvest trees. you can't sell any animals until you've bought a barn and that takes a while. SEND TREES peeps!!
Add me... [email protected] and I'll send you some trees.

My advice is strawberries til you fill up your farm plots... then tomatoes. Tomatoes are a better profit per square, but since they cost nearly 4x what strawberries cost to plant, strawberries are better in the short run when you are trying to fill up your farm.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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