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The Racers are off to somewhere in Siberia called Novobeserk. Well, it LOOKS like that on the TARtitles at the bottom of the screen. There's a huge bunch at the train and everyone is level-pegging again.

The notion of a sleeper train is pretty cool to most of them, but Kisha (or is it Jen?) doesn't fit in her bunk. Mike/Mark don't have that problem. Heh. Mike of Mel/Mike isn't exactly lulled to sleep by the train, either.

Cabs! Confusion. Kisha/Jen run left while everyone else runs right. Victor/Tam are DARING (oh the nerve!) to look out for themselves and take advantage of alliances when it benefits them but drop them when they become loadstones. The NERVE! Wish the Brothers Cho had played a similar game. Just sayin'

Detour - Russian Bride/Russian Snowplow. In the former, take a 4-speed manual shift car and drive all over town to find an apartment bldg. Search said bldg to find a waiting bride. Get back in the car and transport her to a church, where her hub-2-be is waiting. Get picture taken. Move on.

In the latter, learn to drive a Russian snowplow, which is a gigantic crablike thing that scoops snow into a dump truck.

Margie has trouble w/the turns on the snowplow. Jamie/Cara have trouble even IDENTIFYING a snowplow, running up to every large piece of machinery on property and getting frustrated when all they receive is a series of shrugs (in all fairness, though, a Russian snowplow looks NOTHING like a U.S. one).

Christie/Jodi have difficulty with the bride. They ask for directions at one point and are hecked by drunken Siberians.

ROADBLOCK! Who has stamina and no shame? Racers must complete a 1.4-mile run. In their underwear. Phil models his in explaning the task. Nuff said.

Mike of Mike/Mel wishes he hadn't worn clunky boots for this task. Kisha (or is it Jen?) wishes she wore underwear AT ALL!! Christi wishes for something a little better than the thong she's sporting.

Regardless, everone makes it. Mike/Mark almost get lost in the theater that is the Pitstop, but they eventually find the mat.

Except that Christie/Jodi find it last. After Jodi slam her finger in a car door. OW!

They are, however, NOT Philiminated. It's a NEL. Which means a speed bump for them next time.
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