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Off to Munich. The Stuntbrothers (who remind me a TON of Jon and Al, the Clownbrothers) are content with their third-place finish from Leg One and believe they can pull back on the intensity just a bit and float, that they're doing so well.


May want to re-think that, boys.

Teams scramble in their taxis for the best flight and the split goes 8:2 for the early arrival. And guess which set of tumbling twins (along with Christie/Jodi)has gotten the short end of that stick?

Cablecar takes them to the top of a mountain, where on memebr has to 'soar like an eagle' to the bottom -- weather permitting.

And weather doesn't permit, unfortunately.

So the alternative is to hoof it down. Tammy/Victor have arrived first, and Tam is set to go, but the winds begin howling. So she waits for a bit but then decides that the hour long (!!) hike down the alp is the better choice. She goes.

In fact, ALL the fliers go, except Mel, who is still nursing a groin injury from the previous leg and isn't sure he can make it.

He and Mike actually pray their way toward victory, for as the runners are huffing and puffing, Mel grabs hold of his jump guide and they fly off. He's truly moved by the beauty of the experience, and he lands in a good spot, both physically and strategically.

Linda is the 'Eagle" for the Linda/Steve team, and when she opts to hike as well, things go badly. She gets lost, ends up in Italy, and creates an international scene.


Well, no, but she may as well have. Actually, she begs a ride (and it's unclear whether this would have resulted in a penalty [but it should have] becuse ~~~~~~ SPOILER ~~~~~~ they're Philiminated anyway).

The next Detour is a choice between a Segway obstacle course and a cake-throwing melee, which, despite its comedic bent, is really a needle-in-a-haystack task, where the teams need to find a cherry-based cake.

It's messy but relatively quick, and some teams (Tammy/Victor) benefit from some truly amazing luck. I was frustrated here, though, at how SLOW some of the teams tackled the challenge (Margie/Luke, for example). The pattern seemed to be throw, laugh hysterically, wipe, taste, laugh some more, amble toward another cake, pick it up, toss, and repeat. Gah - Move it, people. I'd be WHALING those cakes at my teammate....

Anyway, Mike/Mark, Jaime/Cara, Kisha/Jen, Mel/Mark all do the Segway thing.

There's a wait for a souvenier piece of wood, which Christi/Jodi hilariously muck up ("Hi, horse!"). And it's a off to the mat.

Several teams are challenged by a closed gate and are stunned to find -- gee -- that all you need to do is twist the handle (genius Mike of Mel/Mike has tried unsuccessfully to CLIMB the thing) to get through, netting one of Phil's largest and funniest eyebrow pops in all of TAR history.

Tammy/Victor glide into first place.

And the Hickville Heroes are sent home, with many expressions of love and admiration for each other, and Steve blubbering like a moron on his wife's shoulder.

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I found this leg seemed somewhat.. easy.. i'm not sure.. maybe cause they spent so much time on the first task. There are some shows i feel they do task after task after task before getting to the pit stop.. this one seemed like a lot was travel time, little was actual stuff.

Anyway.. i did enjoy it.. and what was with the two short guys getting all huffy with mel because he warned them it was an hour to hike down the mountain..

pffft.. that's fine..*scoff*

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I just got a chance to watch it last night.

and what was with the two short guys getting all huffy with mel because he warned them it was an hour to hike down the mountain..
I didn't like that either. Seem to have an attitude problem. "We're operating at 98% and only going to get better" Yeah, way to pop from 3rd to what was it? Nearly last? Don't like them at all.

Mel on top of the mountain. I really liked him. When he said he couldn't pray for the weather to change because God has bigger things to do so he'd just be thankful for the day and the beauty and a great son.... How great was that?

The one younger couple. She's a little ditzy - did you catch him correcting her?
Australian Folly.... Austrian Folly.
It's the first task I've got to done.... You've got to do?
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