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Talk about sugar overload

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Looks yummy though. :) I may try to make smaller ones (a lot smaller, lol) with the boys as a spring break project for Easter. :)

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I figured we could make them in little plastic easter eggs and maybe keep them in the refrigerator/freezer until closer to Easter? The boys are having Easter parties at school, a little Easter thing at church, and then family stuff on Easter. It'll be a good spring break activity. Our Disney trip got delayed since Jason isn't able to take off work right now. :mad: They're short three guys in his office so no one can take off for personal reasons right now since someone has to work double shifts if someone is off due to sickness. We need TONS of busy activities for spring break (the week after next). I don't want them bickering all week. :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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