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I took the boys to get their nails clipped today since the vet techs at the vet will do it for free :) Plus Tal and Barney get to go for a ride, which they love. These two take more delight in going to the Dr's office than anyone I have ever seen. That is the only time I have any trouble with them on leash because they really want to go in and get their treats!

On the way out, there was a fellow in the waiting room with his dog (an Australian Cattle dog, I think..not sure) and Tal, Barney, and this other dog were becoming best buds :rolleyes: But the other dog looked like he didn't feel well, and I am sure having two social butterfiles coming around wasn't what he wanted. And we were on the way out anyway.

The more I have these two, the more they crack me up. And I would rather them look forward to going to the vet than have to drag them there!
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