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Tagging- stupid kids!!!

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The only bad news of the day, someone tagged our retaining wall:mad::mad: We live on a hill and have a rather large retaining wall, we've been here 16 yrs. and have never had anything like this happen before-UGH Luckily we have left over paint from when we painted a year ago. so I went out there and painted it as soon as I noticed it! DH and DS thought I should of had the cops come out just in case it was gang related- I think it was just some kids being stupid, so I didn't think about it! I just wanted it gone! I guess if it happens again I'll call, crap why do they do things like this!!!
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At our old neighborhood, vandals would spraypaint "**** you" on the entrance signs to the neighborhood...really classy. Hopefully yours was just an isolated incident. If it happens again, though I'd definitely call the cops so they could at least increase patrols around your area.
Thought about this, too--any chance you could install a motion activated flood light near the area? That would deter vandals in a heartbeat.
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