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Tagging- stupid kids!!!

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The only bad news of the day, someone tagged our retaining wall:mad::mad: We live on a hill and have a rather large retaining wall, we've been here 16 yrs. and have never had anything like this happen before-UGH Luckily we have left over paint from when we painted a year ago. so I went out there and painted it as soon as I noticed it! DH and DS thought I should of had the cops come out just in case it was gang related- I think it was just some kids being stupid, so I didn't think about it! I just wanted it gone! I guess if it happens again I'll call, crap why do they do things like this!!!
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why do they do things like this!!!
Because they're all worthless lowlife scumbags that have never been taught respect for anything or anyone. I've always said they should all be put into the army & taught some discipline because obviously their parents didn't teach them any. :mad:

If it happens again, call the cops. If they wont come, take photos. It might be a gang of them or it might just be 1 lone dirtbag with nothing better to do with his sad life. :mad:
Di, their just misguided little souls, they just need some bleeding heart Liberal to explain to them the error of their ways.:D:rolleyes:

(Waiting to see how many decide to see if the shoe fits and then whine when it pinches.)
Here stirrer, you'll be needing a new one of these soon. :rolleyes:

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Dual purpose tool, can be used to stir and beat butts, learned that one from my Mom.:D
I dunno. That sounds pretty kinky if you ask me. :rolleyes:

Hey at least it wasn't me this time!!
That's 'cause I haven't found a spoon big enough yet but I'm still looking. :D
HEY STOP PICKING ON ME!! You might hurt my "feeling":D
Yeah Glen. Stop being a bully! :D:rolleyes:
You can always count on Garth to throw you under the bus:rolleyes: :D
WTH did I do? :eek:
WTH did you do, let me count the way's:eek::D
What are you going to do when you run out of fingers? :rolleyes:
Weird, Rowdy only has 18, you better count again.;)
And if you read the dewclaw thread, some only have 16. :rolleyes:

Don't confuse her any more than she already is Glen. :D
I'm not picking on you, I'm just speaking the truth, now Garth on the other hand,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
WHAT? :eek:
Nope, not really, neither of us needs to see a shrink cause we blame everything that goes wrong on someone else
Some people around here might argue that's why we should see a shrink. :rolleyes:

I'd love a session with a shrink. By the time I was finished, I'd have the shrink running to a shrink for help! :D:D
I never heard it called "tagging". :eek: Did they write something in particular Di, or was it that unrecognizable graffiti crap?
Hopefully it means they leave their name, address & ph# so they can be hunted down & have their hands chopped off to stop them doing it again. :rolleyes: After the authorities have done that, they could get the parents & sterilise them so they can't breed any more trash & then us normal law abiding people can live happily ever after. ;)
Doesn't sound too harsh to me!! I think vandalism should hold serious penalties. Over here they are trying to push jail sentences for it. Especially for the train vandals.

SO MUCH taxpayers money is wasted every year cleaning up the crap these idiots write everywhere. P1$$es me off!

Me too. :mad: I'm getting a new fence soon & if I catch any punk with a spray can within 100 miles of it, I'll break every bone in their bodies. :mad:
Trust me if I or DH were to catch them they would be held one way or the other until police came- but somehow it would be called harassment and we would end up being the bad guys! Should I put a warning on the wall, telling them our friend across the street in the house that can see the wall the best, was a sniper fighter in the army and was probably more pissed then us about it! Him and his wife our the ones who have to look at it, and he doesn't take to well to punk ass kids defacing his friends proberty!!:D
Have you got a friend? :rolleyes:

What's proberty? :confused: I can't find that one in the dictionary. :rolleyes:
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