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Yesterday (4/28/07) me Keri and our friend Jill went to Larwood Park with our dogs and Carolanns eskie Morgan as well. Larwood is a county park at a place where two creeks join up and circulate around a couple of small islands. Carolann has always said that Morgan hates the water, but when we got there who was the first one in? Yeah, Morgan. LOL she was also the first one out. I wasn't able to get a picture of her swimming but here is the result.

Here is Peanut absolutely being a Lab in the water.

And here is Seamus doing his thing.

Unfortunately our batteries ran down and those were all the pics I could get, but everyone was very happy and we had quiet happy dogs for the trip home. I don't know about Jill's dogs but ours slept like rocks last night.
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