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So...we took Dexter for his first Dock Diving practice today. We were hoping to just get him swimming because he has not been in the water before. Anyways, when he saw the other dogs jumping in he was extremely excited and rushed to the waters edge. When I got the kong wubba out it was too much for him and he leaped in. :D Glad he has such a high toy drive!

After several jumps into the water we tried the regulation dock. He jumped off without hesitation. Unfortunately we did not get pics of that. We are so pleased with him. And we'll be going to futured events - we're hooked! I've attached a couple of photos (I apologize they are not great!)

Thanks again to Nancy (snowflake) for your help, advice and introducing us to Chesapeake DockDogs.

- Dave, Veronica and Dexter.

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