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Survivor - shock

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I can't believe who won. My mouth dropped.
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I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! But talk about a sore loser!!!! I was rooting for that person til I saw his/her behavior after losing. Can't wait for the next show though!!!
Yeah I was pissed off at how he conducted himself after winning immunity and then on the aftershow. He'll get his chance on the next one, but I think he'll be voted off early.
Same here! The jury didn't like the fact that they got "played", I don't think they really understood the game. At least Russell won the Sprint vote.
I lost all interest in the show after that win. Just proved some people really never leave the schoolyard clique mentality. I told my husband I won't watch after this.

(Disclaimer: Seeing the next season promo sucked me back in again! I always like to see the prior players).
(Disclaimer: Seeing the next season promo sucked me back in again! I always like to see the prior players).
Uh oh - an All-Star version? I've managed to not watch for 2 or 3 seasons. Guess I need to go see who will be on.

Hi Denise!
I thought throughout the season they focused so much on him that when it came right down to the end he would not win. They used that for the shock value. He was extremely ungrateful and his true persona came out last night. Unless I am mistaken the "coattails" person seems to have won several tiems in the past.
yeah, I was shocked...so many times before the jury votes for the person who "played" the game the best. I don't really blame him for being pissed, she did not deserve the win...but honestly I think his arrogance got the best of him.
I don't know. If I had masterminded the whole thing, chosen one at a time who was going to be voted out, convinced everyone to vote with me, and gotten screwed in the end . . . I would have been pissed too.

He was completely arrogant and egotistical, but I just chalk it up to "little-man syndrome".
I'd be pissed too! She did NOT play the GAME! He may be a dink but he PLAYED! Deserved to win too!
How did he act at the post show? I didn't see it. I think he should have won.
He acted like he was pissed. He didn't smile much, and was visibly upset. He did offer to buy the title of "Sole Survivor" from Natalie (she declined). I think his offer got up to $100,000. He didn't rant and rave and yell at anybody, but when Jaison brought up the fact that he had burned his socks; Russell pulled a new pair out of his pocket and said, "I brought a new pair for you and I am going to burn these too," as he threw them in the fire. When he won the final immunity challenge he acted extremely arrogant. He was very sure that he had won it all, and told everyone that there was no way they could beat him. Honestly, he should have won. On many seasons he would have won.
I agree that he should have won as well. It's not a popularity contest, it's supposed to be who played the game the smartest, and he did, hands down.
He was robbed. I really hated him at first, but he PLAYED the game. I think he was the best player out of all the seasons so far.
I didn't see the whole season just bits and pieces and I hated him. He was an arrogant buffoon. I'm glad he didn't win.
I'm glad he didn't win, too.

Did he play best?


There's an aspect to the game that he COMPLETELY ignored. Which is that, while you're slipping the knife into back after back after back, you finesse it to divert attention away from your stealth or immediately do damage control or SOMETHING to blunt the pain.

What you DON'T do is gloat and preen and strut and pat yourself on the back about how brilliant YOU are and how STOOPID everyone else is.

Betsy. Man, Betsy had him figured out all over. Too bad he decapitated her early on. She'd've tripped him up big time.

I also thought Natalie's win was COMPLETELY at the hands of Erik and his excellently put, very pointed, intelligent and thoughtful question. Which opened the door in the jury's mind to reward her for, if nothing else, her tenacity.

BTW - Biggest shocks of the Survivor ending?

A) That Sham knows the meaning of the word feckless.
B) Brett's interested in a bro-date w/Mick....
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