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Coach channels Emeril when it comes to cooking beans, except ups the eww factor by kicking the dish up a notch with copious amounts of swamp water.

And then leaving everything to simmer.

For the entire duration of a storm.

Blast until blackened on the bottom of the pot and serve with a huge slice of ego.


I can't wait for him to be nixed.

Both tribes are antsy about merge-time. The reward challenge involves tossing ceramic pigs. The Tim-tims win, but it's close. They get a BBQ at a waterfall. And Coach is content to let someone else handle the culinary duties.

Lots of back and forth with Steven/Taj over the idol. They decide to bring JT into their confidence, mostly because JT finds the damned thing himself.

Immunity -- Has to deal with broken tiles and sand and puzzles and the Tim-tims win again. The Jerkapinos are going to go into the merge at 6:4, and they're understandably worried about being Pagonged.

Joe/Erinn are sent to Exile. Joe grins with glee because he KNOWS where the Hidden Idol is.

Except that Steven/Taj figure this is exactly what's going to happen and -- holy Yau this is getting repetitive -- they create a fauxdol and put it right where Steven expects to find it.

Which he does. **yawn** Insert crowing and chest-puffery here.

Lots of talk among the Jerkos over who's going home -- including a notion that it might be really cool at this point to blindside Taj. But in the end, Syd is snuffed and sent home.

Next week: MERGE-A-RINO!
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