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Survivor 18.11 - Saccarine Smiles

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Survivor 18.11 - Saccharine Smiles

Coach returns from the Tyson blindside in full awe of his fellow dragonslayers. Ho, how they got one over on him. Good gowen, Survivorites. Ha-ha.

But under cover, he's rattled. As well he should be. And so is Debby.

Confusingly, JT is still all bear-hugs with Coach, so it's tough to tell if he's just playing the social end of the game or if his loyalties are indeed shaking.

Reward challenge is the ever-popular popularity contest questions, and Sierra, shocking, finds herself at the bottom of the totem pole. Steven wins and takes Taj and JT to a dinner w/a local family and a dip in a cool spring.

Erinn is sent to Exile, mostly to keep watch for another hidden idol.

Coach wonders if Erinn's banishment could enable him to swing her to his side, provided he and Debby can lure Sierra back in. He floats this tentatively, and Debby picks up on it. Sierra, FWIW, wants no parts -- and she justifiably sticks it in their faces: You VOTED for me last night you JERKS!

Debby gets all high-n-mighty, and she and Sierra spar, and Coach at least has the wisdome to keep his yap shut. Probably the first time all season.

Immunity challenge involves nets and grappling hooks and balls and mazes, and Coach wins ("Did you hear me say Dragonslayer? I said DRAGONSLAYER!"). Ugh.

Sierra decides to out all the liars, and she completely blows the Debby/Coach machinations. But the tribe doesn't seem to care. She has so annoyed everyone that she's snuffed.

It *was* fun, however, watching Coach get so indignant at TC. He was so rattled that he couldn't even get his Biblical citations correct. Which is ironic when you think about it because his Jesus complex tells him that he was there in the first place.
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Don't you kind of feel that there must be more going on with Sierra and the tribe behind the scenes? They all badmouth her like crazy and she just doesn't seem that bad; certainly not any worse than anybody else and yet everybody hates her. She's not mean or nasty, not that bad at challenges, and seems to pull her tiny weight around camp, and yet all the private interview moments have people ripping her to shreds.

At least I won't have to sit around listening to my husband telling me how much she looks like Kate Hudson, anymore.
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