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Accidentally placed this thread in the Introductions Forum so I am re-posting here where more people can see it.

My mom, Heather MacLeod was devastated when her Chocolate Lab died last February ’09 (of old age) so she wrote a story never imagining that it would become a published book by October 2009. (A friend encouraged her to submit the story to a publisher). My children do think it is neat that their grandmother has a published book.

Since this is a web site dedicated to Labs I thought the group might like to know about a new book called My Pal Valentine, which celebrates the life of a Chocolate Labrador, named Valentine). This book is great for all family members as it contains no violence or inappropriate language.

Here is my Mom's author web site: http://www.publishedauthors.net/heathermacleod

From the author site, there is a link to Google Books where you can preview actual pages of the book. Even if you don't purchase the book it would be great if you can recommend the web link to a friend or even join as a fan on the Facebook page: My Pal Valentine.

(Her e-mail is on the Facebook page and she loves to hear from people who read her book and how it has helped them overcome grief or just reflect fondly on the Labs that are still a part of their families)

Thank you for your support!


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