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An old man hobbles up to the ticket window at the Viking's Stadium the day after their last game a few weeks ago. "I'd like to buy some Superbowl tickets he quips to the lady at the window. "I'm sorry, but the Vikings aren't playing in the Superbowl.", she says. The old man smiles meekly and hobbles away.

Wouldn't you know it, but the man reappears the next day at another window asking the same question and getting the same answer. This happens day after day after day.

Over time the numbers of windows open decreases and the old gentleman winds up going to the same window and to the same girl with the same request.

Finally she can stand it no longer and screams at the top of her voice: "I TOLD YOU !!! THERE ARE NO SUPERBOWL TICKET AVAILABLE BECAUSE THE VIKINGS AREN'T PLAYING."

"I know he quips, I drive up from Green Bay every day just to hear you say that."
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