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I've taught Rally class for several years now, sporadically. Agility classes seem to fare much better in my area. Anyway, be prepared to teach heeling! Trust me, having a CGC is in no way going to have your beginners heeling. I always spend time working on heeling, keeping a loose leash, and team motivation. We do things like a "simon says" game where I'll call out commands and they have to do them. Last person to do them is "out". For example we'll go in a circle heeling, I call out "Down your dog". Last one to do it is out :)

Generally I do set up a course and we work at it, first by a walk thru and discussion of the signs and then with our dogs. I critique each student as they go.

I pay attention to the signs that are giving students the most difficulty, and we work on those in a line up (just line up the dogs and have everyone practice).

For grins and giggles, I sometimes like to mix up the dog/handlers too. I'll have them swap dogs and try to do part of the course, etc. Keep them on their toes :) And, it seems to really help their dogs pay more attention (when reunited with their owners, the dogs seem really more "up").

Hope some of these ideas have helped you. Have fun!
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