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I've been going to a seniors' exercise class for 4 years. We have 60 minute classes 3X/wk.

Our exercise leader (Elizabeth) has been more than fantastic.

She choroeographs our exercizes to music mainly from the 40s-60s, the eras our participants will be most familiar with.

Elizabeth's "dancing" style of choreographing our exercises led me to wanting to dance again, as I had in my earlier college days.

When I told Elizabeth about this, she stayed after our usual classes and practiced me to regain some of my former steps.

Then she found a dance for the two of us to go to (& we did) AND THEN Elizabeth directed me to some Seniors' dances that, since then, I've been going to for a couple years

Through them, I've met Millie.

Elizabeth (happily married, mother of 2 teenagers) has also sailed with me a few times.

She's a delightful composite of many TV comediennes -- always upbeat, always positive.

Our STEPS class nominated Elizabeth for THE BEST instructor of the year in our program.

Our nomination didn't win BUT Elizabeth is a real winner.

Below is the message I sent out today to all our exercise particpants:

Hi --

This June marks the 4th year of our class. We
started at the YMCA, moved to the YW about a
year ago and, now, move back to the YM. About
8 of our present members were in that original
class of 25 and the rest are new.

Since many members may know little about our
class or its organizational support and history,
this e-mail gives info about the move and some-
thing about those other details.

Jennifer _______, the KDOA (Ks Dept of Aging)
officer in charge of administering our STEPS
physical fitness program, was at our Thursday
class this morning and told us about upcoming
changes. (BTW, "STEPS" is a Kansas only

Our switch back to the downtown YMCA ( 421
SW Van Buren) will start Tuesday, March 23rd,
and classes will be at 8:10 AM on Tuesdays,
Thursdays & Fridays. (Not after March 25th as
Elizabeth previously had said.)

Jennifer said we'll be on the same gym floor/BB
court we previously used (Gym C). Gym C is on the
lower level (first floor) in the far NW corner of the
building. Park either in front or back. If in front on
Van Buren, enter the lower level (and go all the way
to your right) OR if you use the parking lot to the
rear off the alley, go through the Y doorway for the
upper level, and then downstairs.

Our class leaders will start off being Candy ______
and Robin. (Candy is a full-time YMCA employee;
I don't know if Robin is.)

FYI, neither the YM or YW is paid for the use of
their facilities by this program. They offer it as a
service to the community.

The KDOA is the administrator of our program
which is funded by a grant from the Sunflower
Foundation: Sunflower Foundation
(More about their involvement later.)

Their grant paid for the equipment we use that the
local community facility did not have (e.g., the
ankle weights at the YWCA and the cart holding
them). (Elizabeth bought the balls we use be-
cause the YW did not have any suitable for our
use.) The Sunflower Foundation grant gives the
facility money to pay each instructor for each class.

Our STEPS class exercises are based on a nat-
ional program, developed by Enhance Fitness, in
the State of Washington about 10 years ago and
now franchised for use in over 300 classes in 29
states and the District of Columbia. (In addition
to ours, there are 9 other classes in Kansas.) You
can read more about this national program and
class locations across the nation at
Project Enhance Homepage

Facilities used are typically churches, Y's, senior
centers, rec centers, retirement communities, etc.,
(as you'll see if you click on their "Locations" link).

All instructors must be experienced, nationally
certified physical fitness trainers who have also
received special training in the Enhance Fitness
program requirements; these have been especially
developed, tested, and evaluated to enhance the
fitness of seniors (aerobics/cardio, strength, flexibility/
stretch, balance).

Our Enhance Fitness program is franchised by
its developers in Washington State for use across
the nation. The Sunflower Foundation pays the
franchise fees for this program's use in Kansas as
well as the fitness trainers.

IMO. we all owe a great debt of gratitude to the
Sunflower Foundation for their longtime support, as
well as to KDOA for its longtime help in initiating and
sustaining this marvellous program.

Hope this information is helpful for you and I'm look-
ing forward to seeing all of you at the downtown
YMCA on Tues., March 23rd -- at 8:10 AM !!

Bob Pr
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