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It was fantastic!!!

So yesterday, I did the coaching part. We went over the "rules of the patch".

No running off.
Stay on the straw path.
Pick only red berries.
Don't eat any til we get home.

Everyone was just amazing. When we arrived at the patch, it was pouring rain, thundershower. So a perfect opportunity to go over the rules. Then nothing but glorious sunshine. Each child was given a container to collect berries. We were directed to the patch and assigned our row. I look down the row and was thinking "are you kidding me"? The row of straw between rows of plants is no more that 2 shoes wide and I've got 4 children and myself to manouver. We did it!!! Slightly sloshhy muddy feet. We made one stop on the way home to Walmart to get some jar lids, again effortless smooth shop stop. Then home to perpare jam. The children did all the berry squishing and measuring the sugar and mixing. I took over with the cooking and jarring part. We now have 18 jars of strawberry jam. Sorry there are no pics today. If I had more than two hands pics might be possible. Maybe another outing. Thanks for listening, my breather break is done, have a great weekend!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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