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This spring of 2009, we've had some warm days followed by occasional nights with below freezing temps, but never severely cold. Forsythias have about finished their yellow blooms, redbuds are still blooming, the crocuses & hyacinths are over, the daffodils/narcissus are still blloming but about to finish, tulips are about to flower. Bradford pears have finished their 2-3 weeks of glory, lilacs are still to come.

I've already mowed the lawn once and if it wasn't so wet today, I'd mow it again, it needs it.

The strange thing to me is the leafing and greening of the bushes and trees.

All over town and in the nature preserve in which Puff and I walk every morning, the grass is very green and bushes and small trees under, say, about 10-15 ft/3-4 m., are in full green leaf.

But taller trees (30'/9 m. and taller) are either not yet leafing out or have only the barest hint of green showing.

Looking at them, it's hard to notice much difference between their winter modes and now -- "bare ruined choirs in which of late the sweet birds sang" as Shakespeare described winter's tree limbs -- except that here and now, the birds are quite noticably singing. It's a strange sight, the rich green of full spring on and near the ground but shortly above it, bare wintry limbs against the sky.

In the spring of 2007, we had a prolonged warm spell with the emergence of young tree leaves followed by prolonged below freezing temps. That resulted in an unusual spring I'd never seen before -- instead getting green when seasonal warm weather finally returned, we had a brownish coloration on the trees where green would normally be. Finally, the green leaves quickly emerged.

This spring, it's as if all the trees have memories of 2007 and are murmuring from the text of Dubya, something like, "Fool me once, shame on you -- fool me twice, well, I don't want you to fool me twice...."

Anyone else in the Midwest getting this?

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