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Starting class today!

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Im taking Calli to OB classes today. I am so excited I couldnt fall asleep lastnight. I know Cheesy right? Im going to look into agility for Bogey while Im there. Ive always wanted to do that. And he loves to work, so it should be fun.
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Wonderful! Have a great time!
Great! Have a good time!
Not Cheesy at all. Have a great time in class and let us know how it goes!
Good luck - I was excited when Teddy started training! You'll have lots of fun.
Oh we had sooo much fun! Calli did very well too! We were used as a "how to" a few times. Which is pretty good!

When we first got there it was a bit nerve racking, there was a class already going on and all of us basic 1 people. But we eventually calmed down and worked so well together! For only being 7 months she has such potential. I was impressed.

I was talking to a guy there and he and his wife are trying to start up a dock diving event! So I told them if they did that I would really love to do it! So all in all it was a good day!
Good girlie, Calli!! :D
Sounds great!
Glad you had fun!!
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