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eh not so much =P

This weather is crazy. Its all nice and sunny on saturday then it rains sunday and this mourning snow. What the heck??? Tomorrow it's supposed to be back up to 70 fingers crossed it last for a few days, but apparently its going to rain again on friday.

Anywho Spring break is in two weeks and I believe I will be having one of the best spring break jobs this spring break!!!

I get to watch 5 dogs. Hahaha two being Bo and Abby and the others Greta and Max and ellie. SO that makes a total of three boxers and two mixed breeds. Fun time fun times. Since their families are going away for spring break they asked me if I could come by and let the dogs out feed them etc and of course I accepted. They said I could bring Abby and Bo so of course that will be a lot of fun. Anyway now I can't wait for Spring break!!!!
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