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Split dew claw

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Cinney will be on her way to the vet tomorrow. We were playing outside last night and later that night, i noticed her holding her paw up and a small amount of blood on the bed where she jumped up. i noticed that her dew claw is split all the way down the side and to the quick. she must have done it while running in the snow yesterday. she whimpers when you go to hold her paw and look at it. I am hoping that tomorrow will be soon enough to get her into the vet for a trim.

anyone else have any experience with split nails? what did you do in the meantime before getting them to the vet? Anything that might help ease the pain? any medication you can recommend that i should have in my doggy medicine cabinet for the next time this happens? Thanks so much.
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Judy doesn't have dew claws, but she once split another claw. It didn't bleed, but I noticed she was licking it.
The vet took care of it, wrapped it and she healed fast. Can you call the vet and get her in today?
Nellie split a dew claw trying to climb out of a swimming pool several years ago. It became infected pretty quickly. The vet put her on antibiotics and took care of the claw.
Poor baby.

Eddie hates me to clip his nails and one day I saw one of his dew claws hanging off. when I took it off there was a perfectly formed one underneath! He never complained.
My parents' dog hit one of her nails.. it was pretty much split in half. The part of the nail on top of the quick split but was just barely hanging on. It was bleeding a little bit so we put some of the quik-stop on it. It fell off on its own and we just had to watch for infection.
Last year we had a number of these, we did neosporine and a bandage (I use the neosporin with pain relief), make sure the bandage stays on long enough for the neosporine to do it's work!! We taped the bandage and then a sock on top of that and kept it on for at least an hour. We did this daily until the nail just came out with a gentle, painless tug, probably took 2 to 3 days.

The labs love the taste of the neosporine (gross)...so you want to make sure it stays on the wound long enough to be absorbed.

Of course it can't hurt to visit your vet, he'll probably cut the nail and give some antibiotics!
we're taking them both in first thing tomorrow. abbey needs her cut as well. the receptionist said they don't need to make an appointment with the vet but when they are trimming her nails, if we need to see a vet, we can wait around a few minutes to see the next available one. it looks like the bottom half is just barely hanging on. she whimpers when she bumps it on something. tried to do the bandaid so it wouldn't get infected but she cried like a baby. our older lab thought i was hurting her so she had to butt in and protect her (she moves her body between the two of us). we'll just have to wait and see. thanks for the replies
Ugh, you have my sympathies. Angus split one just like that at the lake once. I hate to tell you, but ever since it has seemed susceptible to breaking/splitting, and has never really grown back properly. :(

I think we tried taping it, but he just chewed it off (of course). The vet just clipped it as close as they could and bandaged it, which he ate off (of course).
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