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Beau has come a long way since arriving in Ontario a few months ago. He was originally picked up as a stray in Kentucky - the rescue group that had him there unfortunately had to shut their doors, so he, along with several others, ended up with transport volunteers moving the homeless dogs on their way north. He arrived in Ontario in late December, very very thin and shabby looking. 4 months later, he is no longer a skinny scrawny dog with a lack luster coat. He is now close to 80lbs and looks fantastic!!!

Beau is an easy going, laid back kind of guy who loves to lounge on the sofa and his dog beds. He would be an easy pet for any household. It should be noted however that he IS a hound and as such will fall victim to his nose should he find himself at large. A secure fenced yard with a minimum fence height of 5ft is required to keep a hound home! Beau is accustomed to city living and also traveling by public transport. He's a great dog looking for a great forever home

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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