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Friday night: on call - no calls

Sunday 8am-Monday 8am: on call
-3pm: sheep mauled by dog. clean up, place drains, send home.
-6pm: colic. work-up. pain meds. watch increasing pain. try to convince owners horse needs to be cut. finally convince owners at 11pm. horse on table by 11:30pm. colon volvulus. enterotomy.
-1:30am: off table. back in stall by 3:30am. me in bed by 4:00am. me out of bed at 5:20am to get ready for morning treatments.
-6:15am. 'nother colic. work-up. pain meds. phenylephrine to shrink spleen and free trapped colon. back in stall by 8:45am.

Monday: new rotation starts at 9am
-2pm: foal needs infected knee flushed. spend 1hr monitoring vital signs, topping off drugs so foal doesn't jump off table.
-4pm: try to stay awake during rounds
-6pm: eat some Ramen noodles. fight to stay awake long enough to take dog out.

Today: Absolutely NO freaking cases at all. I'm on a 3hr lunch right now. Seriously? Couldn't have happened yesterday when I was falling asleep mid-sentence?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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